Insuflex Aerogel Insulation Material

INSUFLEX Aerogel Insulation Blanket Extra thin – high efficiency insulation

Made by silica aerogel blanket which is known as the world’s lightest solid material. It has very low thermal conductivity, that make it a high efficient insulation material.

What is aerogel?
Aerogel is an advanced material including lowest density solid and best insulator. Aerogel is a silica-based substance consisting of a loose dendritic network of the atom silicon. Aerogel is manufactured by removing the liquid from a silica aerogel and replacing it with nothing but air, which makes up 99.8 percent of the final product.Aerogels are good
thermal insulators because they almost nullify three methods of heat transfer (convection, conduction and radiation).

Why aerogel blanket?
While aerogel is fragile, it is not good for insulation itself. With fibers reinforced, the composite aerogel blanket become high strength and flexible which make it possible adapting to various areas and conditions.

Advantages of INSUFLEX

  1. Life time, Insuflex can work over 20 years and still maintain the insulation property.
  2. Outstanding insulation property, the special silica aerogel is known for the lowest thermal conductivity solid material.
  3. Excellent hydrophobic, allowing vapor permeability but not affected with damp, rot pipe.
  4. Insuflex is soft and flexible, with good strength, available with rude construction, good material dimension.
  5. Require less space, high efficient insulation with thinner thickness. smarter engineering design and area utilization.insulation_efficiency_compare_en-1024x641insulation_properties_graphinsulation_propertiesthermal_conductivity

Aerogel Insulation Selection Chart


Standard Packing: Width 1.2M, 1.4M, 1.5M  Length 20M, 30M, 40M, 50M   Roll dia. 500MM


Doubts on the health of aerogel.
When installing the Insuflex aerogel blanket, there cause dusts which uncomfort the skins. To this comcerning, we tell you that the aerogel is safe. First, The dust powder of aerogel is designed to be made at least 15um micro particle.
In general case, under 4um particle is thought as easy breathing into lungs. Second, silica aerogel is non formed structure that means it is non crystal.

Safety advice
To maximum safe protection, wearing mask, glove, cloth if possible is helpful. More information can read material safety data sheet (MSDS).

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