IntegraClean 2.0™

A Unique Offering Provides a Complete Solution

Chemical-free water treatment is attractive to facility managers because it removes the obvious risks inherent in the use, storage, handling, and dispersal of hazardous chemicals. While pulsed-power products are generally successful, operators’ strong desire for a reliable, chemical-free solution to condenser water treatment has been tempered by the stigma of apparent failures. Both chemical and chemical-free water treatment companies have had difficulty with the proper execution of their respective methods. Griswold Water Systems, which has been in the water business since 1936, is in a unique position to identify and SOLVE the issues associated with the complexities of water treatment and GWS has the solution for you.

Water Treatment Problems Can Usually Be Traced to:

  • Incorrect Chemical Dosing: IntegraClean 2.0TM Starts with the chemical-free Wave 2.0TM, so the risks inherent in incorrect chemical dosing and toxic chemical contamination disappear.
  • Poor Operational Practices: Wave’s Electrodynamic Field Generated Electric signal is four times stronger than its closest competitor, therefore much better able to cope with the occasional operational glitch.
  • Ineffective Solids Management: CleanSweepTM basin sweeping uses a proprietary design and GWS brand centrifugal separator to remove solids from the recirculating water, resulting in a remarkably clean system, even at increased cycles of concentration.
  • Inadequate Service: InstAlertTM remote monitoring is included with every Wave 2.0TM and provides a vital information link between regular monthly visits by our professional Certified Service Partners.

Saving Water with IntegraClean 2.0TM

Given how many resources they consume, cooling water systems, and their cooling towers, are costly, and are therefore prime territory for significant inroads at cost containment.

Increase Cycles of Concentration (C of C)
IntegraClean 2.0TM water treatment achieves higher Cycles of Concentration, which saves water, reduces overall discharge amount, and means a comprehensive reduction in water costs.

Eliminate Sewer Fees
When cooling towers are treated with Wave 2.0TM there are no toxic chemicals in the water. This water can avoid normal sewer disposal fees and be discharged to ground or to the storm sewer.

Reuse Discharge Water
Even better than avoiding sewer fees is to reuse chemical-free discharge for normal potable water uses, like landscaping. This Best Practice saves even more by reducing the water required for those purposes.

Measuring Water Efficiency: Cycles of Concentration (C of C)

C of C is the term used to indicate the number of times minerals dissolved in a particular volume of water are concentrated. Cooling Towers evaporate water and leave the dissolved minerals behind, in a still dissolved but more concentrated state. We will use Chlorides (Cl–) for our example.

  • Wave 2.0TM Water Treatment achieves higher C of C, which saves water and means less discharge water and lower overall water use.
  • Chemical Water Treatment achieves lower C of C, which wastes water (and requires more chemicals to treat) and means more discharge water and greater overall water use.

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