Superior Solids Management

High Efficiency Designed Basin Sweeping and Centrifugal Separation
Effective solids management is one of the most crucial links in protecting expensive chillers and heat exchangers. Proper sediment removal from towers is also vital for reducing biological fouling and contaminant in the system. Griswold Water Systems has pioneered the use of low-head basin sweepers, which not only reduce total pumping cost, but are actually more effective in sediment control with wider zones of influence than standard competitive models. Capturing particles BEFORE they circulate and cause mischief to the chiller should be the priority.


  • Uses low head pump (40 ft) for low energy consumption.
  • Keeps solid particles controlled rather than stirring them up and releasing them into the system.
  • Facilitates low water usage when combined with Wave 2.0™ water treatment (IntegraClean 2.0™).
  • Controls pathogens by removal of sludge from blown-in organic matter that settles in the basin.
  • Eliminates the possibility of corrosion under sludge and biofilm – Microbial Influence Corrosion (MIC).

Moves settled solids gently along the basin floor in tranquil water and does not re-suspend settled solids Extremely effective exit header sucks solids back to the separator, away from the piping and chiller

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